To my husband on Mother’s Day

So on Mother’ Day, my husband told me that he had no idea what gift to buy for this special day. I scribbled down the following poem and gave it to him to express what I really wished as a gift from him. 3 be funky

So today you sweetly asked me

With a big smile on your face,

With a look oh so angelic

Filled with love and filled with grace. 


You asked me what I wanted

For this special mother’s day

That we’ll celebrate tomorrow

On the 13th day of May. 


Well here’s my answer, my dear husband,

And my words are very true,

I honestly don’t want anything…

Nothing fancy and nothing new. 


I already have my everything

Which are a son, a dog and you,

Who fill my life with so much sunshine

And never ever leave me blue. 


You make me oh so happy

And make sure I am ok. 

You are always ready to help me

All year round and every day! 


You clean and clear the dishes,

You put Tommy to sleep,

You cook and change some diapers,

And you even help to sweep! 


So no, my dear husband,

I don’t want anything on this day,

For you see, the way you treat me,

Makes it special everyday! 


For an amazing person called Mother

What is a mother?

You might ask and ponder on your own.

What makes such a special person?

You might wonder when you’re alone.


A mother, my dear friend,

Is someone who can love.

A mother is an angel

Who was sent from up above.


A mother is a teacher

Who helps us grow and learn.

A mother is there waiting

At each and every turn.


A mother offers a shoulder,

And always lends an ear.

A mother does her very best

To protect you from your fear.

She gives you her own food

and her last drop of water.

She lives her own full life

Just for her son or daughter.


I’ve been blessed with the best tutor

To prepare me for my son.

She has been there forever…

Since my life had begun.


I thank you my dear mother

You are the very best!

You love me unconditionally

And I do feel very blessed.

Kun Af Li…

Kun af li

D-dinja ttik fuq wiccek

U taf sew meta tuzak. 

Tidhaq bik 

Minn wara darek

U ma tiddejjaqx tweggak. 


Kun af li

L-hbieb halliehom fl-ghatba

U la ddahhalhomx id-dar


Hafna drabi jweggghu

U jgibu wisq imrar. 


Kun af li

X-xoghol huwa spiss iebes

U hadd ma jahdem ghalxejn. 


Biss bic-cicri

Avolja nahdmu mill-Hadd sat-Tnejn. 


Kun af li

Sejjer twegga

U anka tnixxi d-dmugh. 

Xi partner,

Djun, mewt, u mard

U problemi li jhawwdu l-imhuh. 


Pero ghaziz zghir ibni,

Zomm f’mohhok dan il-kliem

Li ommok u missierek

Hdejk issibbhom zgur sat-tmiem. 



For all my techno friends…

After years of spending every weekend at a particular club, you find it difficult to forget the music, the vibe and the amazing people. So I wrote this especially for them.


Nina kraviz, rodhD, floorplan
Function, jeff mills, apparat,
Dave clarke, mr. G, kalkbrenner,
Palms trax, dax j, moderat.

Back to back ben klock and dettman,
LSD and Robert Hood.
Steffi, karenn and len faki..
Who to choose? They all sound good!

Modeselektor, marcel fengler,
Ben sims and DVS1.
We have all danced to their music…
Danced until the morning sun.

All time favourite is undoubtedly
Laurent garnier presents LBS,
Gnanmankoudji, crispy bacon,
Milf and man with the red face.

So cheers to you dear techno lovers
The ones who never miss a beat.
The ones who head down on sat to Liquid,
To blow the roof and move your feet.


Women have will and ambition

To be anything they aspire, 

And whatever they set to do

They surely succeed and inspire. 


Presidents and prime ministers,

Doctors, lawyers, teachers,

Mothers, djs, singers, mechanics,

Engineers, soldiers and preachers. 


Rosa Parks and Margaret Tatcher, 

Curie and Maya Angelou,

Suu kyi, Chanel, Fawcett, Rowling, 

Nina Kraviz and Simone too. 


One can’t forget all the ladies

Who make us proud to be Maltese, 

Ira Losco, Miriam Dalli,

Presidents Agatha and Mary Louise. 


So cheers to you my fellow ladies

And remember you are so strong!

And to the fellow mates i remind you

That we are hardly ever wrong! 

A cuddle a day keeps the doctor away

What is this around me?!

What’s this that i see?!

My oh my goodness!

How can it be?!


Blocks all around

And playmobil toys

Do girls also do this?

Or is it just boys?!


Books everywhere

And cars on the floor.

Picked up all the cards…

No wait, there are more!


How did my deodorant

End up near the bed?

And why is the wall

All scribbled with red?


Don’t eat the dog’s treats!

Don’t pick up the dirt!

Don’t jump from the bed!

You’re gonna get hurt!


Sit down while you eat!

Watch where you are walking!

Please give me a minute,

Daddy and i are talking!


But i have to be honest…

At the end of the day,

Some cuddles and kisses

Make all this go away 😊



What do children need?

Our children don’t need hw

Our kids don’t need a test. 

They do not need competition

To show just who is first. 


They do not need to sit down

On a chair six hours a day 

Or only 20 minutes

Of break to eat and play. 


They do not need to be

In a class with 20 others. 

They don’t need to be bullied

And threatened by their brothers. 


Instead they need a place

Where they easily can feel safe. 

A place where they are free

And surely they’ll behave. 


They need to move about,

To dance and stretch and play. 

A place to love and cherish 

That makes them feel loved all day. 


A place where there is time

To ask, ponder and learn. 

A place full of imagination 

At each and every turn. 


A place one truly loves

And cherishes forever. 

A school that builds you strong,

Free, happy, good and clever.