Women have will and ambition

To be anything they aspire, 

And whatever they set to do

They surely succeed and inspire. 


Presidents and prime ministers,

Doctors, lawyers, teachers,

Mothers, djs, singers, mechanics,

Engineers, soldiers and preachers. 


Rosa Parks and Margaret Tatcher, 

Curie and Maya Angelou,

Suu kyi, Chanel, Fawcett, Rowling, 

Nina Kraviz and Simone too. 


One can’t forget all the ladies

Who make us proud to be Maltese, 

Ira Losco, Miriam Dalli,

Presidents Agatha and Mary Louise. 


So cheers to you my fellow ladies

And remember you are so strong!

And to the fellow mates i remind you

That we are hardly ever wrong! 


A cuddle a day keeps the doctor away

What is this around me?!

What’s this that i see?!

My oh my goodness!

How can it be?!


Blocks all around

And playmobil toys

Do girls also do this?

Or is it just boys?!


Books everywhere

And cars on the floor.

Picked up all the cards…

No wait, there are more!


How did my deodorant

End up near the bed?

And why is the wall

All scribbled with red?


Don’t eat the dog’s treats!

Don’t pick up the dirt!

Don’t jump from the bed!

You’re gonna get hurt!


Sit down while you eat!

Watch where you are walking!

Please give me a minute,

Daddy and i are talking!


But i have to be honest…

At the end of the day,

Some cuddles and kisses

Make all this go away 😊



What do children need?

Our children don’t need hw

Our kids don’t need a test. 

They do not need competition

To show just who is first. 


They do not need to sit down

On a chair six hours a day 

Or only 20 minutes

Of break to eat and play. 


They do not need to be

In a class with 20 others. 

They don’t need to be bullied

And threatened by their brothers. 


Instead they need a place

Where they easily can feel safe. 

A place where they are free

And surely they’ll behave. 


They need to move about,

To dance and stretch and play. 

A place to love and cherish 

That makes them feel loved all day. 


A place where there is time

To ask, ponder and learn. 

A place full of imagination 

At each and every turn. 


A place one truly loves

And cherishes forever. 

A school that builds you strong,

Free, happy, good and clever. 



What on earth is going on?!


What on earth is going on?!

Peace on Earth seems to have gone.

Seems some things never get old.

This world seems to have gone cold.


Youths who die at school in vain.

All this misery and all this pain.

Why was this number 18?!

Make a stop before nineteen!


Trump seems to have found the solution,

He lives in a world full of confusion!

Equip teachers with guns in schools…

Are painful words uttered by fools!


A child crying while wearing a mask…

Seems he only has a task…

To survive this bloody war

While the leaders Syria ignore.


Why can’t they be living free?!

Running, swimming or climbing a tree?!

Instead they end up being dead,

Alone, cold, hurt and also not fed.


Feels like we are not civilized,

This sweet life is no more prized.

Let us all pray for a new dawn…

What on earth is going on?

A Christmas Poem for my Husband

I have to admit it…I feel I am a very lucky wife! And I owe all I am and all I have to my husband Andrew.

So for Christmas, I wrote a short poem just for him.



To my amazing husband,

Who has never let me fall.

He has always been by my side

And stayed there through it all.


He took me away to China,

He bought me loads of books,

He is my knight in shining armour

And doesn’t care about my looks!


He is an amazing promoter.

He manages a shop.

He takes care of our family…

For us he is the top!


So now my dear husband,

Merry Christmas I say to you!

And please always remember

That forever I love you!

Aghmel xita, aghmel xita

So here is the thing…at the moment they are building a block of paprtments right behind my house. I endured months of digging and now months of dust…and to make matters worse, our next door neighbour will soon demolish the existent house to build a basement and appartments.

Anyway…the noise and dust drove me to write the following. It is in Maltese…apologies to who doesn’t understand the language.


Aghmel xita, aghmel xita

Halli tnehhi dan il-hmieg!
Dan it-trab l’ghandi fil-bitha

Habba fih ma nsibx mistrieh!

Waqqghu binja ezatt warajna
U bid-digger ghamlu xahrejn!
Kemm cempilna pulizija
Ghax ma jieqfux naqra fis-saghtejn.

Issa l-bricks qedin iqattghu
U mlew trab fin kullimkien.
Qiesni bela nohrog nahsel
Forsi t-trab jitlaq biz-zmien.

Imma ghalxejn qieghda ngerger
Ghax il-MEPA harget permess
Biex ta hdejna d-dar iwaqqghu
U se jibdew ghada stess 😡

St. Albert the Great College Poem

A while ago, I promised two colleagues of mine that I would write a poem about our school, St. Albert the Great College. I managed to scribble the following down while I was having a tea.

I apologize to people who do not understand my native language as this poem is in Maltese…but at times I really enjoy writing using this beautiful unique language.


Hello lilkom ta st. Albert!
Hbieb, kollegi u l-istaff,
Genituri u studenti,
U lil kull min b’xi mod jien naf!

Jien ninsab tajba u shiha,
Inbiddel nappies bla waqfien,
Nilghab, nigri, nsajjar, nitma…
U dan kollu bla dewmien!

Pero xorta nimmissjakom
U nahseb fikom ta kuljum,
Solange, Daniel u s-sur Yasmin
Li maghhom it-te kont niehu malli nqum!

Abigail, Elise u Amaira
Etienne, Carlo, Liz u Lisa,
Fil-panto jien l-ahhar li rajtkom
Meta lbist il-libsa griza.

Is-sur Elton u ms. Annabel,
Is-Sur Josef u s-Sur Mallia,
Li tant tahdmu ghall-iskola
Minn filghodu sa filghaxija.

L-istudenti dejjem f’qalbi
Ghax bhal ta’ St. Albert ma ssib imkien!
Memorji sbieh ma rridx ninsiehom,
Nibqa nghozzhom matul iz-zmien.

Ibqghu ghamlu x-xoghol li taghmlu
Ghax taghmluh dejjem mill-qalb.
Thobbu, tghallmu, tisimghu, tghinu…
Fikom nahseb waqt it-talb.

Minn hawnhekk jien insellmilkom,
U naghtikom tghanniqa kbira.
Ghad xi darba nigi lura
La tahsbux li se nirtira.